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JULY 4, 2014

ZCASH was "born" in 1996. 

CHIPS were first used in 1999 

In 2006 the US SEC began an investigation that led to a lawsuit in US FEDERAL COURT in Houston, Texas, that included in its ramifications an attempt to have ZCASH and CHIPS declared to be securities. 

That lawsuit provided a forum whereby ZCASH and CHIPS were presented without dissent to have USD value of $2 USD per each ZCASH and CHIPS to be valued at $1 USD each. 

Proof was provided through declaration of associated funding as presented by the US SEC to the Court. 

That lawsuit ended with a mutually accepted consent decree so that no judgment regarding ZCASH and CHIPS being securities was rendered by the Federal Court and, thus, no precedent was set by that litigation. 

However, after the case was closed, in a ruling associated with a tax audit, the IRS declared that income obtained through payment in USD bank deposit funds for the transfer of CHIPS, in accordance with THE INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB protocols, was to be declared as ordinary income and not as capital gains. 

Digital currency came under scrutiny again in US FEDERAL COURT in Houston, Texas, in a government lawsuit related to BITCOIN. 

That lawsuit resulted in the Court ruling that BITCOIN is lawful USA currency. 

That ruling did establish legal precedent. 

In consonance with that legal precedent, this week two States, California and Massachusetts, have 

passed legislation making Digital Currencies legal tender. 

That new legislation opens doors wide for business as initially conceived and embodied in the INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB in 1996. 

To more firmly comply with these new laws, BITCOIN is now acceptable, as are other listed currencies, to acquire TICKETS through the INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB PRODUCTS section of THE TREASURE CHEST Portal of; which TICKETS may be exchanged for the same number of ZCASH, regardless of the currency used to acquire the TICKETS. 

Thus, as of this publication, ZCASH has re-emerged as the cornerstone of CLUB business; and, BITCOIN value has firmly been established as equivalent on a unit basis to USD, EURO, and other listed currencies. 

Through TICKETS, listed currencies may be converted to ZCASH with the same unit exchange rate-making all exchangeable currencies have the same value; CHIPS registered in effect double that value. 

UAPN and IBOE may be exchanged for ZCASH, tripling the value for the Acceptor/Beneficiary; CHIPS registered in effect provide a total of six times the value. Subsequent use of ZCASH provides an additional equal value of CHIPS. 

Thus, using ZCASH for clearing of UAPN/IBOE, the value of these DOCUMENTARY FUNDS can be multiplied by a factor of nine. "Clearing" for ZCASH and CHIPS, with additional leveraged value has been available as per ICC RULES found in the LIBRARY in www.incredible-concepts.comsince 1999. 

"Clearing" for ZCASH and CHIPS through the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK has also been available for many years. 

"Clearing" as per ICC RULES remains unchanged. However, as of this publication, "Clearing" through the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK has been modified. 

"Clearing" is a commercial process and arrangements have been made for the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK to now use business executed through THE ENERGY STORE found in www.chips-corner.comas its commercial “Clearing” method. 

"Clearing" as per ICC rules involves the transformation of ZCASH and CHIPS into BRICKS, BLOCKS, and FAT CATS; with subsequent engaging in factoring of purchase orders. 

"Clearing" through THE ENERGY STORE involves promoting use of that facility by parties that include components of ENERGY SOLUTION in purchases or projects they undertake. Thus, to take advantage of either "Clearing" method a Member must be proactive in promoting commerce. 

In short, each Member is empowered to promote business and have profits used to provide "Clearing" and without this active participation in business by a Member there will be no "Clearing" for ZCASH or CHIPS to benefit that Member! 

This is not a matter of policy; it is a requirement of law. 

Because of the leveraging of value provided through ZCASH and CHIPS, a passive stance by a benefitting Member could cause "Clearing" to possibly be considered as an action regulated by securities laws. 

Thus, to underscore, all "Clearing" of ZCASH and CHIPS to benefit a Member requires active promotion of commercial business by the benefitting Member. 

As an example of use of ZCASH and CHIPS to increase value, taking advantage of the now explicit status of "legal tender" that California and Massachusetts have provided to Digital Currency, as well as USA FEDERAL COURT proceedings and rulings, plus USA IRS ruling, at the request of a Member or as may be instructed by its Board, INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CORPORATION could satisfy its contracts to discount UAPN and IBOE by exchanging these for ZCASH and CHIPS. 

To facilitate this, the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK would accept ZCASH and CHIPS thus obtained and submitted by IEC the same as submittals from any Vendor. 

That would multiply by three the value that a party contracting to have UAPN and IBOE discounted could receive. 

A Member receiving ZCASH and CHIPS through this process may legally use these to directly engage in business or may choose to exchange these for USD bank deposits through ICC RULES or through the COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE KIOSK. To further enhance business use of ZCASH and CHIPS for Members that already have ZCASH and/ or CHIPS or that may obtain these through discounting, until further notice no new issues of ZCASH will be undertaken through INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB PRODUCTS without prior approval by CLUB ADMIN. Only requests through CENTERS will be considered. Thus, access by others to ZCASH and CHIPS and the leveraging these can provide is mostly restricted to negotiations with Members that already have these. 

The practical result of the measures discussed herein is that Members are expected to promote clean energy in any of the forms suggested in ENERGY SOLUTION in www.chips-corner.comin order to receive full benefits related to CLUB business. 

As a footnote, the acceptance of BITCOIN as currency by THE INTERNET CATALOGUE CLUB, with exchange of BITCOIN for ZCASH and CHIPS as per protocols, which leverages the 

value thereof, and allows for “Clearing” through commercial processes as indicated herein can protect BITCOIN users from doomsday scenarios recently discussed and published by a BITCOIN panel.